Saturday, March 15, 2008


This site, Books and More 4 Kids, is on Blogger. It has information about art education and music education. I have a second site, by the same name, on Google Pages. That site has information about: Teaching Reading (also Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, and Writing), Teaching Math, Teaching History, and Teaching Science. Why two sites? I'm quite new to all of this. Blogger and Google Pages have some similarities and some differences. Some things are much easier to do at a Blogger site; other things are far easier to do at Google Pages.

You may notice that I mention a company called Veritas Press at both sites. Veritas is associated with the Christian, Logos School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Veritas publishes some of the materials they use and makes available to homeschoolers the Logos School curriculum and educational materials. I have been very impressed by the things I have purchased from Veritas Press. I fault them on only one thing. The Logos School does not teach any science until the students are in 9th grade!

I also mention a company called Christian Book Distributors which is located in Peabody, Massachusetts. Yes, they sell Christian Bibles and Jewish Bibles as well. They also sell to homeschoolers the materials necessary to teach: art, music, science, history, geography, math, reading, grammar, spelling, and writing. If I fault them on anything, it is that sometimes there are too many choices. You aren't sure what to purchase.